Custom Application Development

Generally, Riverhouse takes a hybrid approach that combines performance-based Apex development with declarative/no-code elements. Every consulting firm would/should take this approach; however, it's dogma with us and we will always tip the solution architecture in favor of No-Code elements such as Flow, Process Builder, and Lightning App Builder. This approach ensures that development time is minimized while also allowing for agile responses to changing needs. It's a holistic approach to application design that optimizes the platform's potential, while maintaining performance and scalability.

No-code Solutions

What is a No-Code solution? In a Salesforce context, ‘No-Code' refers to customizing the behavior of your org without using Apex. Using Apex is excellent when the solution requires it, but it comes with dependencies that can delay your project and add cost.No-Code declarative tools like Salesforce Flow, Process Builder, and Lightning App Builder are used to design workflows, build user interfaces, and automate processes through a visual interface, making it accessible to non-developers. No test cases or minimum test coverage is required. These end-user friendly tools not only provide broad customization capabilities but also the advantage of being user-friendly, requiring minimal technical skills and having a large support community. Your team can, in time, easily adapt Salesforce to your unique needs, without the need for coding expertise.

Salesforce Communities / Digital Experiences

A Salesforce Lightning Web Component (LWC) is a modern, standards-based framework for building dynamic user interfaces. LWC uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create fast and efficient components with beautiful user interfaces, delivering superior performance and seamless integration with other web-based resources. Lightning Web Components can be deployed in your org or on your Community (Digital Experience). Salesforce Digital Experiences are web portals, bolted on to the side of your Salesforce org, that integrate with your org's CRM data and take advantage of Salesforce automation tools. Community customers often to use them as a product or task centric online portal facilitating secure, interactive, and tailored engagement between businesses, clients, and partners.

Team Augmentation

Riverhouse Salesforce Consulting can be a valuable strengthening of an existing team whether it's on a temporary full-time basis, or on demand for periodic client support purposes.Specialized Expertise: Riverhouse brings expertise in Salesforce that can complement your team's existing skills. We have a deep understanding of the platform's intricacies and can provide insights, best practices, and innovative solutions that your team can leverage. Temporary Skills Gap: Need a specialty for a week? If it's not in our skill set, our network of partners is large enough that we should be able to source it for you. Contact us with details or call anytime to discuss. Objectivity: Riverhouse can provide an objective perspective on your Salesforce implementation, identifying areas for improvement and offering unbiased recommendations. Parallelize With Your Internal Projects: By offloading specific tasks or projects to Riverhouse, your team can focus on their internal priorities and core business deliverables and still advance your Salesforce initiatives. If you need just one or a team, reach out and we will build a team to suit your skill needs and budget constraints

Project Rescue / Org Audits

Project Rescue is a sober second look at an ongoing project or org. A Riverhouse Rescue Audit can include business and technical assessments including intent, dependencies, project milestones, timelines, budgets, as well a technical evaluation of architecture, tools, and adherence to software development best practices. The audit may also review user adoption, system performance, and recommend improvements for efficiency, compliance, and achieving business objectives. You might consider this service if you have doubts about code quality, architecture, or project costs and billing.